Preface of the First Edition

This work contains a list of more than 3600 descendants of John Walker,
along with more than 1000 families of the same Walker family. John Walker is
the head of a branch of the Walker Family and brought his family to Utah from
where many descendants were scattered all over the Western States and Western
William Holmes Walker, being the eldest son of John Walker, was a great
pioneer of the Salt Lake Valley and the Upper Snake River Valley in Idaho,
and had a long successful and useful life. His numerous descendants at
gatherings at different times during the past 30 years have expressed a
desire for such a record, and about 1946 his great-grandson Rodney W. Walker
volunteered to gather the necessary data which offer was gladly accepted in
April 1948.
The tremendous task was accomplished only after many months of long
hours of a work of love, which was the driving force that brought about the
completion of the gathering of the information.
Appreciation is expressed to all those who have assisted in furnishing
information and means that makes this volume possible.
Rexburg, Idaho
July 1952
Frank L. Davis

Preface of the Second Edition

This preface is similar to the one in the First Edition except that the
Second Edition is a revised and enlarged edition so as to include records of
many missing families that should have been in the First Edition and also
updated records on thousands of families. This volume contains over 16,300
descendants and about 7,000 spouses of descendants. Many descendants are
found in almost every state of the United States, Western Canada and other
This project was proposed and voted upon at the reunion held in Las
Vegas, Nevada in 1975. The task has been overwhelming and enormous because
the John Walker family is so large that it is next to impossible to gather
records on all families while keeping up with the growing family.
As of today this volume may be obsolete because hundreds of descendants
have already been born, many new marriages have been performed and many
deaths have occurred. These events are not mentioned in this book. It is hoped
that all of us will keep our own records for our posterity and treasure the
rich heritages which we have inherited from our forefathers including John
Salt Lake City, Utah
March 1985
Rodney W. Walker

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