Hyrum Smith: A Life of Integrity

by Jeffrey S. O’Driscoll

In this welcome biography, author Jeffrey S. O’Driscoll paints an intimate portrait of Hyrum Smith, an exemplary disciple who stood by his prophet-brother through the glorious and trying days of the early restored Church. At Joseph’s side during dark months of confinement in Liberty Jail, Nauvoo’s rise to fame, and the martyrdom at Carthage, Hyrum was “as firm as the pillars of heaven.” Hyrum Smith: A Life of Integrity reveals the heart of this Church patriarch and assistant president through the words of those who knew him best and through the inspiring, unassuming sermon that was his life. Relying on painstaking research, the author helps us appreciate the character and invaluable contributions of this devoted husband, father, Church leader, and friend. Most important, we learn why the Lord said of Hyrum, “I, the Lord, love him because of the integrity of his heart.”

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