Jerusha Barden Smith Obituary

(Kirtland, Ohio ; Far West, Mo.) (1837)
Subject: Church periodicals
Publisher: Kirtland, Ohio Far West, Mo. Thomas B. Marsh

Obituary published in the Elders Journal, October 1837 edition, Volume 1, No. 1, Kirtland Ohio, p 16.

Died, in this place on the 13th Inst, after an illness of about ten days, Mrs. Jerusha T. Smith, the wife of Hyrum Smith. She has left five small children together with numerous relatives to mourn her loss, a loss which is severely felt, by all.
Our Sister was beloved and highly esteemed by every lover of truth and virtue; but she has been taken from us in an untimely, or rather an unexpected hour, as her companion was from home perhaps near one thousand miles at the time of her decease, and was deprived of the privilege of witnessing her exit from a world of sorrow and perplexity, to the paradise of God.
But, Alas! she is gone home! yes, (using her own language to one of her tender offsprings when on her dying bed,) ”Tell your father when he comes that the Lord has taken your mother home, and left you for him to take care of”
She had her senses until the last, and fell asleep, leaving this assurance behind as a reward for leaving all that was dear for the sake of a risen Savior, and enduring in faith on his name to the end, that she should have a part in the first resurrection, and come forth and inherit the mansion that is prepared for the faithful, and receive the welcome plaudit “Come ye blest of my Father inherit that kingdom prepared for you from before the foundation of the world.”

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