Election of New Board Members

Dear members of the Hyrum Smith Family Association:

We hope you are checking our website at regular intervals, at www.HyrumSmith.org.  With this email we hope to bring you up to date on what is happening.

First order of business is to elect two new members of the board of directors.  Angela Harper and Gary Smith are leaving the board, leaving two open spots for a 1-year term.  Our thanks to Angela and Gary for their services.  If you are willing to volunteer to serve on the board, please send a return email (within a week) to egs@EGarySmithLaw.com with a short, one paragraph, bio on yourself and why you should be elected.  The board will then send out ballots to all the members for this election. Serving on the board involves regular meetings (usually by phone or computer conferencing), decision making, and accepting assignments from time to time.

We are planning a symposium with speakers who will highlight various aspects of Hyrum Smith’s life, his family, and/or his descendants.  It will probably be scheduled sometime early in 2015 with a location along the Wasatch front.  We already have great presenters waiting in the wings for this exciting event.

We also have contributed money toward “I Dig Nauvoo,” which is an archaeological excavation taking place in Nauvoo.  We hope to coordinate with that organization, and/or with the Community of Christ, to reconstruct a building in the Old Nauvoo area.  We are open to other alternatives along this line, and we are excited about this undertaking.

Thank you for your membership.  Please encourage other descendants of Hyrum Smith to sign up as members at our website.  Membership is free.   Please consider volunteering to run for election on the board of directors.

Best wishes,

The Hyrum Smith Family Association

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