Candidates for Board of Trustees of Hyrum Smith Family Association

You will have the opportunity to vote for 2 of the following candidates. Voting will begin on Tuesday, June 17, 2014.

Jennifer Bruggeman

My name is Jennifer Bruggeman.  I am a descendant of Hyrum Smith through his oldest daughter Lovina.  I live in Toquerville, UT. I have 5 children and my youngest is 8 months.

You asked me to write a few lines about my bio and my interest in the Hyrum Smith Organization.  Here are a few thoughts… I have been a data steward for the Joseph Smith Sr and Lucy Mack Family Organization for many years now.  I find the work fulfilling and a joy to be a part of.  I haven’t attended any of the meetings , but with things like Skype and other internet resources, I have been able to attend. I am capable of using the computer.  I have access to ancestral quest and feel that I am proficient in basic things and can find my way around pretty well. I am the family history consultant in my ward, so new.familysearch and family tree are familiar to me.

Perhaps the other more important reason, is the love I have for the Hyrum Smith family.  I found out about 10 years ago, that I was a direct descendant, and it has changed my life.  In just a few short years, I have researched and documented  all of my maternal and paternal grandparents, clear back to the 1500’s.  I have ensured that temple work has been completed, and have obtained photographs and life stories of each of them.  My purpose now I feel, is to share this information with all of the members of my family.  I believe that our children and grandchildren need to know how important this is and how important they are,  so that the legacy can continue.

I would like to help in any way I can.  If not the board, then certainly in any capacity that you find appropriate.  Thank you for your consideration.

Emily Hoehne

My name is Emily Cannon Hoehne. I am the fourth great-granddaughter of Hyrum Smith and daughter of Christian & Corenna Cannon. After growing up in Blackfoot, Idaho, I moved to Provo, Utah, where I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in economics and found my sweetheart, Joseph Hoehne. I am currently a web developer and avid family historian.

To date, our family interacts on a very short basis. As a member of the Hyrum Smith Family Association board, I would like to utilize social media resources (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, our family website) to help family members meet and interact with each other on a daily basis and have an avenue to share family stories. The family stories could be gathered and distributed in the family newsletter and website frequently. We are currently connected as a family on, but we need opportunity to interact. Connecting and building relationships with each other using social media resources can help us fulfill our grandmother Lucy’s dream of no empty chairs.

Don H. Lee

If elected to the board I would focus on collecting and publishing the stories of Hyrum’s children.  I have recently published a book on Jerusha Barden (Jerusha, Hyrum’s First Second Love) published through and am currently working on a book about Lovina & Lorin.  The stories of the other children should not be lost but should be well documented and preserved.

I have been a life member of the Sons of Utah Pioneers for over 13 years and have served on the board of the Ogden Pioneer Chapter for nine years.  During that time I served as the Chapter President.   I am currently an Area Vice President for the SUP and a member of the National Board.  Additionally I am also an associate editor of the SUP Trail Marker Newsletter.

I worked at Thiokol for over 33 years as a Scientific Computer Programmer (rocket scientist) and retired from there in 2001.  I worked on the design of the Space Shuttle boosters and other motors.

These family organizations are vital to the preservation of our heritage.  I would appreciate the opportunity to serve on the board.

Claudia Sanborn

My name is Claudia Sanborn related to John Smith Patriarch. He is my 3rd great grandfather. As you see D J Bowden finished the bust of John Smith which I had been begging him to do for years. I’m so excited about it and will be available to purchase at the reunion in July. As you see I do what I say I’ll do. Soon as I finish my book on my last 22 years as a nurse I will write a book on John Smith. I love the Smiths and as a Relief Society teacher I talk about them every chance I get. I’ve been a Director of Nursing and many leadership positions. I feel I could really be an asset on the board of directors if you elect me. I’ll see you at the reunion! Sincerely Claudia Sanborn Hi this is claudia sanborn I would love to be on the board. I ran but was not elected last year. I got the bust of john done by d j. He is going to get me 8 more if u want one. I’m going to take them to the reunion with me and first come first serve.  Hope they’ll consider me on the board. I could help a lot.

Dwayne A. Vance

Dwayne A. Vance.  4th great-grandson of Hyrum Smith (grandson of Eldred G. Smith), currently residing in Millcreek, Utah..  I am a lawyer with experience organizing and working with various non-profit organizations.  I love the stories about the Joseph Smith family, and I have written a full-length musical play about the Smith family that includes 11 original songs.  I would welcome an opportunity to serve as a director of the Hyrum Smith Family Association.


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