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“Behold Thou Art Hyrum My Son”: The Story of “The Lost Manuscript” of Section 11


This gallery contains 1 photo. By Reid N. Moon · October 30, 2016 Over the past two decades I’ve seen some pretty spectacular books, documents and artifacts pertaining to early Mormon history. I’ve had the privilege of holding in my hands copies of the Book of Mormon … Continue reading

Joseph Smith Papers

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

If you have not seen already, I thought I would share. The Joseph Smith Papers Project posted the following on our Facebook page today:

Greetings from the Joseph Smith Papers Project in Salt Lake City:

We are writing to let you know that our most recent published volume includes significant information about your ancestor, Hyrum Smith. Hyrum was a member of the Council of Fifty in Nauvoo, Illinois. This council was formed by Joseph Smith in March 1844 and was continued by Brigham Young. You can see a brief biography here of your ancestor ( You’ll see there that Hyrum was admitted a member of the Council of Fifty on 11 March 1844.

More information about Hyrum and his involvement in the Council can be found in The Joseph Smith Papers, Administrative Records, Council of Fifty, Minutes, March 1844–January 1846 (…/administrative-records-c…). An overview about the Council of Fifty can be found here (…/council-of-fifty-minutes-joseph-s…). The complete minutes of the Council of Fifty will be made available for free on our project website,, about eighteen months from now.

We thought that as a descendant of a council member you’d be interested to know that the never-before-published minutes of the council are now available.

–Joseph Smith Papers Team

I think it would be really neat to promote this and share information learned from the project. Any thoughts are welcome!!!



The Holy Spirit

When the Holy Ghost speaks,
A still small voice within
Whispers softly, prompts, and guides.
Our answers come from Him.

In that instant we must choose.
The chance comes not again.
Decisions made. Course is set.
The Spirit tells us when.

If we listen to that voice
And ponder as we hear,
The Holy Spirit guides and
We know our Lord is near.

Jeannine Campbell Gilligan

A True Treasure Chest


Church History Museum

Museum Treasures

Heidi Bennett – 26 February 2016

In 1823, several weeks after Joseph Smith’s first encounter with the angel Moroni, Joseph’s eldest brother, Alvin, fell seriously ill. Alvin had always believed in and supported Joseph’s mission and calling. On his deathbed, Alvin told Joseph, “Be a good boy and do everything that lays in your power to obtain the records.”1

It is fitting, then, that Joseph used this chest, which had been Alvin’s, to hold the plates after he received them from Moroni four years after Alvin’s death. Continue reading