Mary Fielding Smith: Daughter of Britain

History is filled with the names of exceptional women, but few have exhibited the courage and faith of Mary Fielding Smith, the daughter of a Bedfordshire farmer-preacher, who left her native land and became a heroine in her own right. She became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canada and then joined the body of Saints in the United States, witnessing the onslaught of intolerance against the Mormons in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois.

As the wife of Hyrum Smith the Patriarch, she knew the joys of marriage only to have them abruptly terminated when a mob killed her husband. Mary Fielding Smith reveals the life of a courageous and inspiring woman. Her life was one of conflict, but this sharpened her determination, made her a fighter, and drove her to greater heights.

Written by Mary Fielding Smith’s descendant, Don Cecil Corbett, this is an LDS classic you won’t want to miss.

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