Jerusha: Hyrum’s First Love

Jerusha: Hyrum's First Love

by Don Lee

My story has never been told. I am Jerusha Barden Smith, wife of Hyrum Smith, and this is my story – at last.”

Step back in time and experience the amazing events of the Restoration which changed the course of history. See the stirring drama unfold through the eyes of a young woman who was the first person outside of the immediate Smith family to accept the concept that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he was in the process of restoring Christ’s Church to the earth. That wondrous decision did not come without pain, heartache, and trial. It was during the fall of 1826 that she made the difficult, yet joyful, choice to marry Joseph’s tall, kind, handsome brother, Hyrum. This is the story of her life and her participation in the Restoration up to the moment of her untimely death. Her example of perseverance, courage, and faithfulness is worthy of our admiration and our gratitude.

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