To write and publish a book is no small task–especially a book of more than 1300 pages, and every page filled with specific detail. Yet this has been accomplished because our Executive Secretary is a man of the ability and dedication of Rodney W. Walker. He virtually did it all. The task was made easier when a word-processing computer and printer were purchased with Walker Family Organization funds.

Rodney Walker typed every character, word, line and page of this book. This includes 30,000 names, an average of 26 names and 4.5 families per page–each identified through the one to seven generations that link that person with John Walker. Work started in November, 1980, and ended five years later in December, 1985.

Averaging seven hours per day on the computer keyboard, he entered the data, corrected the files, and generated printouts to be mailed to families for verification. The computer’s display screen wore out and two disk drive motors gave up; but Rodney kept going for five years of dedicated, persistent, loving work. His Newsletter announcements and progress reports produced nearly 1,000 advance paid orders.

We acknowledge his exemplary service as Executive Secretary to our officers and members during many years of unselfish devotion, and express our love, gratitude, and admiration. Through the years, we have often been inspired by his cheerful and productive life, although he was without normal speech or hearing. And we have been impressed by the way he and his wife have provided for their family, and by their support of him. His retirement years have brought great accomplishment, including the publication of this book, which will stand for generations as a monument not only to John Walker and his descendants, but also to him.

Elwood W. Chambers, President

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